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are you sure, I mean hundered percent sure that you have Candida? The sympthoms you have are all included in several other attacks to our system. They are typical signs of your immune system in battle and your vegetative nervous system reacting. Lack of vital minerals and vitamins too are creating these sympthoms. Only thing back to a time in your life when you suffered the flue. Did you have joint pains? Yes, its normal the immune system takes the battle against intruders into your muscle tissue and is not having the battle in your vital organs. Did you feel weak and drozy? I believe you did. And you see all that sympthoms are quite the same which are on your list. Did you experience sea sickness. Well, there is no bacteria involved there but still you can feel so sick that you want to die.

Lets say you are “only” sensible to some food and develop a irritated intestines. The intestines then want to protect itself from the irritator and produce muccus, that layer of muccus protect the linning but at the same time is so thick that other foods are not getting through to the enzymes which are needed to digest the food. Nutritions are not getting to the cells and your are starving, even the cells of your immune system is starving. (Getting weak and unable to do the propper job to hold candida or bacteria down) The food now not being digested will not only go out of your system but becomes food for bacteria and candida to grow. (Fermentation) Therefore you get a big belly, lots of gas, bad breath etc etc

These gases are poision and all the endotoxins through dying bacteria/candida or the endotoxins of their farting out while mushing on the food your system cant handle.

What to do now? Its important to know what is wrong with you in the first place. I believe that you dont need all the probiotics and stuff which is expensive. What you could try out and that cost nothing is to change your diet. Probiotics are the big thing for many but not for all because if you suffer from an overgrowth of bacteria the last thing you want is to push in more bacteria. What you want is a stable system which balance itself. Much like a forest. Only because moskitos stick you and some might have Malaria nobody with their right mind in tact should say lets kill all the moskitos. The same is with candida and bacteria. Candida has aswell some important things to do and so have the guts bacteria. The art is to get them in the right amount at the right place and your immunesystem balanced.

Have a check of your B-12 and B-6 levels. If not get injections so you get them up high. Then check the vitamin D level and zink level. Potasium and magnesium. All these are negative affected when you have a suffering in your intestines. And all of these can freak you out with panic attacks and anexity. Lower your fiber intake for a weak and see if you feel better. I turned around after 2 years of suffering with feeling better for 80 percent simply by avoiding fibre.

I recommend Elaine Gottschalls diet to you. It will adress bacterial overgrowth and candida but is more balanced and cheaper than the one here.

good luck