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Buy some kefir grains. They cost $10 or so and will last you for years and years.
Surely your parents buy milk; you can make kefir. If not, water kefir is also OK.

I am not sure why it would be so hard. If you stick to eating green vegetables and eggs, and avoid all sugars/grains/staches, you will get much, much better.
I am not sure why your parents would not buy green vegetables and eggs. They are standard food items and are not more expensve than most junk foods.
Yes, they are boring, but a candida diet is quite boring.

Also, I imagine that most people here stick to their diets in a house full of junk food. I most certainly do. There is a lot of alcohol/ice-cream/chocolate/etc. in my cupboards (I did not buy it!), but you just have to say ‘no’. Living in a house full of junk food is not an excuse to eat it. Stick to green veggies and eggs, and drink a lot of kefir, and you will eventually get there.

Kefir has antifungal properties, as well as being a probiotic. If you need additional antifungals, try rutabaga, garlic and coconut oil.

If you have only the following, you will have a cheap, but quite complete, basic candida diet.
-Green veggies
-Milk kefir/water kefir
-Fermented cabbage juice or sauerkraut or kimchi
-Coconut oil

If you can afford to get diagnosed by a nutritionist, surely you can afford the above food; it is not more expensive than most junk foods.