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SueinOz;46410 wrote: I can find instructions for making kefir so that’s not my problem but which method is right for the diet?

Milk kefir? Made with milk. Or do I make it with coconut milk, which seems more logical.
Water kefir? Able has some links for making water kefir but they use sugar as a base. Can we do that?

Again I am looking at buying some in the next few days. I’d love to know what to do.


HI Sue,

I think Cows milk kefir or Goats milk kefir is probably your best choice. It is the easiest to make. Several people have had a difficult time with the other products such as Coconut milk kefir. I tried several times to make it, but it never fermented properly.

I would stay away from the dried products, such “body ecology” kit. You will get less strains of good bacteria that are produced. It’s more expensive and you have to keep buying it, unlike real grains that will grow as you feed them with milk. To make matters worse, it’s even more complicated than real grains. You have to warm the milk to a specific temperature in order for them to ferment.

If you plan to make water kefir, you will need to buy “water kefir” grains. Otherwise if you plan to make milk kefir you will need to buy “milk kefir” grains. There’s several ways you can buy the grains online, including through Amazon. I bought mine through the Kefir lady.