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SueinOz;49120 wrote: Bloating improved with Betaine HCl. Swedish Bitters give me tongue sores. I take enzymes as there is undigested food in stools and they float.

This description sounds like the results of Leaky Gut Syndrome. Since the Candida are causing the leaky gut, this will only heal after the infestation has been greatly reduced. Wait a few weeks and test the Swedish bitters again.

My coconut oil and avocado diet is quite fatty but some days that’s all I’ve had. Didn’t think I would need enzymes to digest those two. What do you think?

This explains why you’re still losing weight. Read the second part of chapter 2 of the protocol called, “The Problem of Weight Loss.”

Oregano oil, lemon water, coconut oil, and Mega Flora first thing makes me feel nauseous and one morning had severe stomach cramps and diarrhea too, next morning had exactly the same things and same breakfast and had no symptoms at all!

Stop taking oregano oil. Are you saying that you’re taking your probiotic and the oregano at the very same time? This is not the instructions in the protocol.

Still confused whether I have die off or just headache from tired, late shift and bad sleep. I really don’t have any die-off flu type symptoms in general. Maybe twice in 8 weeks – since the initial week, which had a bit more flu like stuff.Should I have more die off? I take Silymarin daily which has some Molybdenum with it. Only take the Mb itself if I think I have die off.

Taking Molybdenum only when you have the symptoms is not the way Molybdenum works. You should test your symptoms to see if they’re die-off related. Take the correct dose of Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate which is 3 pills a day at 250 mcg each for several days straight. You should also be taking Candida by Native Remedies if you have it. If your symptoms improve after taking Molybdenum for a few days, then they were caused by die-off, if not, then there’s another cause.

I’m at a record low weight of 50.5kg/111lbs – I’m 1.7m 5ft7ins. I’m a bit concerned that I am losing so much weight. Even Marathon training has never taken me this low. What can I do to add weight? Be healthy? Seems like I am starving myself. I’ve only had vegetables, oatbran, chia seeds … chicken, fish, buckwheat, mung bean “pasta”, and not much dairy – bit of yogurt once or twice. Eggs by the barrel load. Avocados by the bucket full. Have had the odd tomato lately, only this last 2 weeks, a couple of green apples, brown rice twice. What to do??

Read the second part of chapter 2 of the protocol called, “The Problem of Weight Loss.”

You’re not following the diet as it was written. Please don’t tell me that you only ate “a few bites of each cheat-food” because I really don’t care, but if you’re following Raster’s diet called, “How to Cheat on a Candida Diet” you’re taking the long road to a symptom-free state.

Are you making homemade kefir and drinking it every day? The is one of the main parts of the protocol.

Had an awful experience today: I had my lemon water, with oregano oil – 4 drops, and 3 big tsps of coconut oil and a Mega Flora first thing before eating anything

A perfect example which shows you’re not following the supplement protocol as it was written. If you don’t follow the diet and the protocol as they were written, I can’t help you. Read the first chapter of the protocol.