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JazBahr;30197 wrote: I tried this diet awhile ago and didn’t follow throught with it becuase I was at a point where I was so stressed out I couldn’t handle doing this as well. I’ve been eating really well for about two weeks as advised by my natropath which I feel 100% better. He advised to do this because he wants my liver functioning better before I take the anti fungals. The only symptom I’ve really had is sinus issues and this stupid lump which feels like its swollen adenoids which the naturopath said was caused by fungus. I have been eating this way and haven’t experienced any die off symptoms thus far other than the normal sinu s pressure once and awhile (which has gone down considerably since the diet started). I go back on Monday but I just want to know if this is normal as I’ve read that some people experience this just from cutting other foods out. Also I’ve cheated a bit and had some cheese and and brown rice and I haven’t noticed anything get worse, could this be because I have a mild form of Candida?

Yes, most people receive die-off symptoms from simply cutting sugar and wheat from their diet. The cheating isn’t helping since you’re feeding the Candida and therefore preventing them from dying.

I’m impatinet and would just like to hear another opinion on this. Am I to expect die off symptoms to start when I start with the antifungals?

Nobody can really tell you this without knowing the degree of your infestation.