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Gnosis44;45595 wrote: Good Evening Everyone!

I must say I am overwhelmed looking at all the information but forged forward with what resources I have. I do not have internet access so I must research when I can get to an access point (this should be changing soon) When I had stumbled onto the site I had already altered my diet a bit. So far it has been 8 days but I had a major failure and set back. I was out and about Saturday and Sunday and went off the diet …this failure, deep disappointment and lesson really is what prompted me to post since I have not really talked to anyone about the diet and I am overwhelmed. I had wheat and dairy over the weekend. So I guess you could say I have to start over…

Here is what I was doing (for 6 days) and am doing today

I have a very limited budget sometimes we go to the store with 12 dollars sometimes 20 sometimes a sufficient amount so I cannot do 3-4 veggies each meal. But I volunteered to help out a couple farmers on saturdays at the market and they allow me to take what I need within reasonable limits ( so cool right!).

I chose not to do a detox

My consumption:

about a gallon of water , two liters of lemon water a day ( I love it), Vitamin C with Rosehip supplement and Senna Laxative Tea to keep things moving.

Typical diet:

Two Eggs
A ton of spinach both cooked in coconut oil ( I love anything that has to do with coconut) all organic with a bunch of garlic (lovin the garlic)

Then I eat zucchini , more spinach, greens, kale,squash, cauliflower olives & beans the rest of the day whenever hunger strikes…spinach and greens are organic

Sounds pretty good, except for the beans. Would hold off on those for awhile. They are difficult to digest and can feed candida. They’re one of the first things you can add back in after you stop having symptoms.

Gnosis44;45595 wrote:

Question: I just grabbed Canned Olives…how do I know they are safe?

If the ingredients are olives, water, and sea salt (and some have herbs), you should be good. If it says ferrous whatever or any kind of vinegar, then I would avoid them.

Gnosis44;45595 wrote:

Also I love Kraut (im polish 🙂 …..where do I find safe kraut? in Apple cider vinegar? I didn’t know that exist or is it something I have to make?

Look in the refrigerated section at places like Whole Foods and be prepared to spend a lot of money. The only ingredients should be cabbage, water, sea salt, and whatever other veggies/spices might be in there. No vinegar, no sugar.

It is VERY easy to make your own, and a lot cheaper! You just have to be patient because it takes a few weeks to ferment. Basically, you just shred cabbage and whatever else you want in it, pack it in a jar with water and some sea salt (look online for proportions), and let it sit for a few weeks in a dark place. It’s slightly more complex than that, but that’s the gist of it.

Gnosis44;45595 wrote:

I am physically active 1-2 hours a day sometimes three hours a day. This is a must I am in a band and we are prepping to get back on stage. I must work on my endurance and fitness for the next 6 weeks.

Yeah………good luck. I had to drop out of my show choir and dance troupes while I was recovering. I am SO GLAD I did, too! I know it cuts tons of time off of my recovery, and I’d rather be sad about not performing for 6 months over extending my misery indefinitely by pushing my body too hard.

Gnosis44;45595 wrote:

My bloating and IBS like symptoms are loads better when I failed and went off the diet was the first time I had been painfully bloated

Bloating and IBS stuff is totally normal, even for the first couple of months. Your body is doing major detoxing and changing and has to have time to adjust and get the infestation down. It sucks badly, but it goes away.

Gnosis44;45595 wrote:

My suspected Die off symptoms:

mild Itchy red patchy scalp (this happens when I eat grainy things sometimes i cant seem to nail down the ingredient specifically)…maybe even itchy skin in general though it is so slight I find myself wondering if I imagining it.

Fatigue , bad breath?, brain fog, mood, a couple times I got a slight dizziness like I needed iron…you know what I mean? really hard to get through my workouts a few days this past week…just so tired and weak feeling but it passed then would come back.

Yeah, sounds about right. I would stop working out if possible, at least for awhile. You need to let all of your body’s resources go towards healing if you want to get better. It sucks so bad, I know, trust me, but it really will help.

Gnosis44;45595 wrote:
I am not taking the molybdenum and will not. I guess I am going to get milk thistle next and a detox tea any and all suggestions are welcome. Remember I am on a budget so as frustrating as it is I am only able to do what I am able to do. Anything for endurance or energy is welcome since I workout 4 or 5 days a week if I get too exhausted I will rest but its ideal to keep this schedule. Also constipation is a problem the senna tea isnt too great…so a specific suggestion would be nice…I have read the post on constipation I am just so overwhelmed and a specific product or suggestion/experience that has worked with someone would be nice

Molybdenum is like $6 a bottle and you are REALLY doing yourself a disservice by not taking it. I would recommend that over the milk thistle and definitely over detox tea, if you have to choose one. If you keep wearing out your body working out so much, you will not see improvements quickly. You really should cut back and relax. There’s a post on here about constipation, but honestly, I found that relaxing and sticking to the strict diet and protocol just evened things out for me after about two weeks. I would also invest in some cal/mag/zinc and vitamin c as I feel those really helped me out. I also am on a budget; I am on food stamps and live paycheck to paycheck but I know that it’s important for me to invest in my health now so that I can live freely and easily as I get better. In the long run, it evens out, because you’ll save on healthcare in the future, and you’re not spending money eating out, drinking, etc.