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Hi Able,

When I got off the diet I started eating the way all Dutch people do. Bread for breakfast and lunch, potatoes during dinner. A lot of fruit and a lot of bread. I don’t eat pasta though because that makes me sick instantly. But we also tend to put chocolate sprinkles on our sandwiches and chocolate spread. Real good stuff 🙂

I was taking molybdenum, but I get a fever, an awful headache, so cold that I have to wear two pairs of pants and turn the heating up until it gets really warm and a lot of pain in my bowels. I am also really nauseas all the time.

But I have experienced it’s worse when I only take liquids, if I eat vegetables it’s better, but still horrible. Tomorrow I will start with the cleanse in which I can eat the vegetables. Maybe I can do the more kind one and after I got a bit better go to a more profound cleanse to get rid of everything.

Sorry for my english 🙂

I was wondering how much molybdenum you would advice on taking? The package I ordered from the UK says only one tablet a day…