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Your supplement plan doesn’t look bad, that is other than the Candex which contains Cellulase, 128 000 CU and Hemicellulase, 80 000 HCU. In effect, with these two enzymes you’re feeding the Candida and in doing so you will allow them to thrive for as long as you’re taking these.

Certain enzymes that are available are enzymes which are not naturally made by the human body, but yet they are put in many enzyme supplements unnecessarily. In addition, during their break down they change other enzymes into a sugar which actually ends up feeding the Candida and thus prolonging the treatment period and cure. This is the case with both cellulase and hemicellulase.
The most useful digestive enzymes is something called “Digestive Grape Bitters” and this is the exact name you want to look for.

The dosage suggested on the bottle is not necessary because the bitters work simply by nerve stimulation. When the bitter tasting herbs come in to contact with the bitter receptors on the back of the tongue the bitter receptors are stimulated. This in turn stimulates the vagus nerve, which increases levels of stomach acid, bile and pancreatic enzymes. This also has a cleansing effect on the liver so it is important to drink plenty of water throughout the day when using them to prevent a strong detox reaction.

Since the whole principle is to stimulate the bitter receptors and thus the vagus nerve you only need to be able to taste the bitterness of the herbs. 1/2 of a dropper full on the tongue before meals or after meals will be enough to do the job.
To treat the thrush, look for a post titled “Oral Thrush.”