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Germina90 wrote: I am currently in week 20 of chelation treatments for mercury. When starting chelation my expectation was that once my mercury levels dropped that I would be feeling much better. To date that has not been the case and I am still taking fluconazole to keep my candidas in check. So my story is not that convincing but I have been in contact with others that have seen great health improvements from chelation treatment.

Can you tell me what heavy metals you have and at what levels?

There is little question that the human body was not meant to function with heavy metals. We are one of the first generations ever to have to cope with such things. Unfortunately there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to heavy metal levels.

20 weeks is a very short time for a chelation protocol. I am assuming you are following a frequent dose method.
Anyway, one time a fungal overgrowth has occurred, it won’t be reversed by chelation.

The goal of chelation is to unload the immune system and to release cell-mediated immunity that is our defense against yeast.
People who are toxic with heavy metals, specially mercury, have a polarized Th2 immune response. The immune system is the main weapon against any infection, and it is really necessary to overcome and to avoid candida relapse.
You need to treat candida with an anticandida protocol in order to end with the overgrowth even if you have chelated heavy metals.