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Javizy wrote: Just try reading anything about the placebo effect for examples of how the body is capable of making modern medicine look like a superfluous pharmaceutical and surgical racket.

The body really does have a miraculous ability to maintain itself, but we’ve developed just as impressive an ability in unbalancing it. Do you find yourself feeling stressed, anxious, worried or experiencing any other kind of negative thoughts, feelings, emotions etc? All of these mental states influence the biochemistry of your body, even to the point of changing the state of your genes.

Even if you don’t feel “stressed”, you may be secreting stress hormones, contracting abdominal muscles, shutting down your digestive system, causing changes in your circulation, suppressing your immune system, flooding your blood with glucose or experiencing a whole host of other unconscious reactions every time you worry, feel fearful, get agitated etc. Many of these reactions don’t fare well for candida sufferers and are even implicated in the development of infestations (think of a suppressed immune system and blood regularly being flooded with sugar).

I hear you mate and I believe it is true. The trouble is only how to make it alive and functioning. I have the feeling that I am perfectly balanced in my mind when I feel good in my body. Much like the saying in a healthy body is a healthy soul.
I noticed too the power the chemicals have when they are out of whack. Think about all people who have a drink to relaxes or take drugs. These are powerful chemicals which change the world for these people on the cost of their bodies health. Anyhow they feel great for a moment. For me for the first time in my life the table got turned. I feel the body falling to pieces and I get a stressed out vegetative nervous system with it. Now when I want to calm down, this is stressing too, when I think that stress is not helping.

It much like I tell you that you should sit down and calm yourself and don’t think about ice-cream. Should you think about ice-cream you will get sicker. But if you don’t sit down you are getting sicker too. Now if that’s not stressing you out what is. I tried to calm myself by allowing everything to be as it is. That works when the going doesn’t get too tough. I have hours where the sun is shining down into my darkness, the symptoms are pulling back like the enemy from the font line. Suddenly the weapons are silent and I get a feeling of release. A deep oh, my God so nice can life be. Only for no reason to understand one our later I find myself surrounded by enemies shooting terrible symptoms around. I feel like someone is poisoning me. On that path I lost faith in my body. It feels like a father who hit his kids now and them just so they don’t relax to much and stay on guard.

all the best to you