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Just try reading anything about the placebo effect for examples of how the body is capable of making modern medicine look like a superfluous pharmaceutical and surgical racket.

The body really does have a miraculous ability to maintain itself, but we’ve developed just as impressive an ability in unbalancing it. Do you find yourself feeling stressed, anxious, worried or experiencing any other kind of negative thoughts, feelings, emotions etc? All of these mental states influence the biochemistry of your body, even to the point of changing the state of your genes.

Even if you don’t feel “stressed”, you may be secreting stress hormones, contracting abdominal muscles, shutting down your digestive system, causing changes in your circulation, suppressing your immune system, flooding your blood with glucose or experiencing a whole host of other unconscious reactions every time you worry, feel fearful, get agitated etc. Many of these reactions don’t fare well for candida sufferers and are even implicated in the development of infestations (think of a suppressed immune system and blood regularly being flooded with sugar).