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pinkbow;56121 wrote: May I ask how you know for sure you have leaky gut? I suspect the same for me, but am not sure how to get a 100% diagnosis for it, unless I have to spend hundreds of dollars on tests.

Because I have food sensitivities/allergies to certain foods that a person with a healthy digestive system would have no problem eating, malabsorption, seeing undigested food in my stool(a big sign for me)and bloating when eating certain foods such as nuts/seeds or grains/flours and also itchy skin(flare ups)whenever I would eat something as simple as coconut bread or sunflower seeds. Thats why I’ve been taking the digestive enzymes so that whenever I eat I don’t have that constant full and bloated feeling and it really does help with digestion. So for now I dont eat whole nuts/seeds, I make nut butter and I limit and rotate the flours I bake with. But if you have a candida infestation then you more than likely do have leaky gut.