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Thank you,dvjorge, for responding.

I tested positive for high levels of antigliadin antibodies in my blood.I was also diagnosed via skin biopsy for a condition called, ” dermatitis herpetiformis, ” which is a stinging, dotted rash ONLY found in celiac disease patients.

When I ingest gluten, I turn into a different person. Stabbing stomach pains, celiac rash, fast weight loss, exhaustion, pale-oily /floating stools, joint/muscle pain, dark circles under eyes, distended abdomen, and a whole array of symptoms from being malnourished. My skin,hair and nails get very dry and brittle.

I do know that candida can trigger gluten intolerance. I’m not sure if it’s the egg or the chicken in my Either the candida triggered the celiac or the celiac triggered the candida… It’s very difficult to have all of the puzzle pieces from the doctors in my area. They are pro antibiotics for everything. I told them I was on the candida diet and was told that I’m skinny enough and don’t need to do anything for candida and that an overgrowth in intestines is only found in AIDS patients! *sigh* The most I got from my doctor was a dose of nystatin for my thrush, last year.