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thanks! you might be right on with liver issues. as I was lying in bed last night (having taken a new blend of milk thistle formula with burdock and artichoke), I felt two stones leave the liver or GB. they had been irritating me for over a week, but I forgot about them in relation to the headaches. I figured i’d do a liver flush at some point when I had time. as they passed I felt pressure in that same spot in my head and also tingling in my toes and just weirdness in my body for like 2 minutes, and then it was gone. That’s good because i’d rather not do another liver flush (having done two 1 yr ago and 6 mo ago) as i’m not sure what it does to the gut flora – since it’s pretty much the same as prepping for a colonoscopy! nice to know the stones can make their way out on their own given enough time.

I have been using a good sea salt and also pink salt, and also taking liquid minerals or vitamin. i’ll check my BP, that’s a good idea and I have not done that in a while.

I think also with adding in more sugary foods, the candida had come back slightly. Two days of no starch/carrots and my tongue is back to clear. At what point does the candida start to go away and stay away?