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Hello Kristy,

I had exactly what you described. One of those episodes of tingly fainting feeling landed me in hospital but they couldn’t figure out what’s wrong with me. As it was followed with irregular heartbeat and some chest pain, they suspected it was heart attack, but it wasn’t. They also checked blood for cloths (suspecting stroke) but I had nothing. I was released with no diagnosis.

This happened to me a lot before and even more and worse during the treatment, at the beginning anyway. I still have it a little bit at times, but very mild, I still get some mild die-off occasionally so I think it’s that. I remember being sure I am getting a stroke as this head pressure and tingling would also often be coupled with some numbness in extremities or part of the face. I remember pinching my face and grinning in the mirror to make sure I did not have a stroke! It’s very scary and the anxiety that usually comes on with these symptoms does not help at all. Oh, I also had a symptom that was so hard to describe, it’s some kind of pressure in veins, mostly my arms and hands, like getting a shot in your veins much to fast. My extremities would turn kind of purple or blue and my fingernails would also turn blue. I would also be extremely cold when that hits me.

I can tell you that as I got better, this faded away as well. I still get mild pressure in the back of my head, more in the neck area but it doesn’t stick around for to long and I noticed it after I consume more antifungals than I should (like combining 5 powerful antifungals in my dinner).

Best of luck to you!