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Kristy;36259 wrote: Does anyone here have the painless head pressure that comes on with dizziness, blurred vision, and sometimes tinnitus? For some reason my head pressure only really starts after I have been in a upright position for a minimum of twenty minutes to sometimes as long as two hours. I have had this for 11 months now and am looking to find anyone else that has gone through this.

Most days it is very extreme and ever since this happens I cannot lay on the back of my head without increased blurry vision and head pressure. My scalp also has a tingly sense of pressure at times as well and so does my face at times. Please help I feel very alone in this. It sometimes feels like I’m having a stroke or going to pass out.

Hello, Kristy.

Did this start at the same time as your Candida symptoms? Has it lessened at all during the treatment?