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You need to eat way more food, this isn’t good enough. Look at the pumpkin pie muffin bread and the other breads. Look at buckwheat; it comes in 3 ways, the groats (similar to rice), cream of buckwheat (similar to oatmeal), and flour (for baking). Get something like a nutribullet and start blending your veggies and a bunch of stuff together. Get into soups and freeze them and there you have dinner or lunch every day of week/month. Look at dishes from africa, china, italy, greece, morocco, etc., these foods typically have safe recipes if you avoid the bad grains or sugar.

I also would look at trying out teff and making teff bread which has great nutritional and weight gaining properties.

If you stick with your current diet its not going to work out as you may know…

I would even consider trying out beans…