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I suffer from candida and also recently had an ear infection. It lasted for three months. I too was very apprehensive about taking antibiotics but eventually broke down and took amoxicillin and later a much stronger antibiotic of which I can’t remember the name. It didn’t hurt me too badly at all, although I was not on a really strict protocol (stage 1 diet, increased antifungals and probiotics) like I am now. At the time I was on antibiotics, I made sure to increase my probiotic intake which probably helped. I think it’s hard to know how your body will respond to antibiotics. Everyone is different. It seems a lot of people on these forums experiment with their bodies a lot and learn from the experimentation.

As a side note, I’ll mention that the oral antibiotics didn’t ultimately help. After going to two doctors and an ENT, I went to a second ENT who figured out the problem right away. He reached into my ear and pulled a hair that was lodged in the skin of my ear canal (I have thicker hairs that can be sharp.) He prescribed antibiotic ear drops and had me come back a week later. At that appointment, he vacuumed and pulled a bunch of gunk that accumulated during the 3 months of my ear infection. I’ve been fine since. I can’t believe 3 other medical professionals couldn’t figure out what he did.