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Wow, my recent history has been very very similar to yours. Bear with me and I’ll explain..

I suddenly fell ill 3 years ago wth severe fatigue, severe anxiety (but no bowel issues like you). I remained like this for 2 years as Doctors were mystified, couldnt offer me any help apart from anti depressants.

So then I went gluten free. Felt a difference instantly. The anxiety was so so much better. ( I also think I have a gluten intolerance). but I didn’t recover. I started having food reactions, and waited another year as doctors were still clueless and couldn’t offer any help.

I went to a functional medicine doctor (only last month), and she instantly recognised my problems. Arrange some tests, and we discovered my candida problem as well as other stuff.

So, yes there are other people who have had similar issues. And just to echo the last poster, go see a functional medicine practitioner! They’ll should be able to find out what’s wrong.

Good luck, and don’t give up!