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I told u I don’t care wtf u believe I believe all vaccines are toxic they all contain dangerous chemicals and u are s sheep idiot who thinks the media lies are the truth. U think that vaccines don’t cause autism because the media told u the story was debunked!

U can not form your own opinions because u listen to what media and society tell u instead of doing the reasearch yourself

U atteackd me from the beggining insulting me so u have no room to talk there! If u knew how to debate u would not have insulted me from the beginning saying I am misinformed and sum BS bout religion!

I don’t care wtf ur believe is! OK I really don’t! So don’t give ur sheep opinions to me anymore! I don’t care! I hope u finally get that now! What u tell other people is your business I can easily ignore u in any post but u have to agree to ignore me as well when I place an opinion out there!

Otherwise we will find ourselves in a constant pointless fight because we share different believe! So like I said ignore my posts and I will ignore yours! Otherwise there will always b drama!

Anyone with half a brain can see u are a sheep who follows the heard and a media whore.