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Bottom line is when you have a perfectly healthy child(normal brain function) and then they display “brain dysfunction” shortly after a vaccination raises a red flag. People don’t want to hear about research if they experience this with their child. That’s a risk I’m not going to take with my children. I could not even imagine how difficult it would be to raise a child with severe autism/ brain dysfunction.

Multi-dosing vaccinations is a terrible idea. Not only are the children subjected to more bad fillers/preservatives all at one time, but also the immune system can get overwhelmed/overburdened with the invasion of all those vaccinations. For doctors to allow this kind of procedure in order to provide more “convenience” for their patients is simply inexcusable.

My questions Floggi: If vaccinations(fillers) are not the cause of this sudden onset of brain dysfunction then what is? (If this was something that was developed from the fetus then shouldn’t the child start to show some signs of that before the age of the mmr vaccine?)

How can they accurately test that some of these fillers don’t affect brain function/collect in the brain?

Have they injected these fillers into some “young” animal to see if it affects their brain function? What kind of testing has researchers done to ensure the safety of these fillers?