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Hi Jo Jo,

My personal opinion is to go slow and avoid the die-off if I can at all costs. Die-off is serious stuff and it’s very damaging to your organs and yes it would feel great to get rid of it faster, but at what cost? I would like to be as healthy as I can and not worry about damaging my liver. Who knows how much damage my few mistakes made and how long it will take my liver and/or kidneys to recover from it. I am taking it slow and if it takes me a year to recover so be it. I brought myself here and I am going to pull myself out of there as well even if it takes a very long time to do so.

So basically what I want to say is that I vote for safe way to recover over the quick fix that may not even work. You can kill off candida pretty fast, but rebuilding the balance in your intestines takes time anyway.

Curious as to what others will vote for?