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Able900;22916 wrote:

My problem is it seems like sometimes my scalp hair still grows and then pulls back a bit. Like sometimes things are going really well and it then all the sudden it halts and I lose some progress. Also since taking these vitamins my allergies have subsides and I am seeing bit improvement.

It just seems areas where the candida really effected me in hair loss it’s not growing back as much, since taking those vitamins

If hair loss is caused by a Candida infestation, vitamins won’t restore it to its natural growth and length. The only way to restore the hair growth is to cure the infestation.

The Candida overgrowth eventually reaches every part of the body, including the scalp and hair. This causes the tissues to become extremely unhealthy which leads to hair loss and slower hair growth. Once the infestation has been cured and health is restored to the scalp and hair, you’ll start to see your hair growing the way it used to. One year after all of my symptoms stopped, and my hair is now thicker than it was before the infestation.


Dear Able!

I have also some similar problems. I saw that you mentioned a protocol you followed in one of your posts. Can you send it to me?

Thank you so much!