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I think the role of stress is worth mentioning too. The discover of h. pylori supposedly debunked the idea of stress-induced stomach ulcers, but you have to ask why h. pylori is able to overgrow in the first place. Stress creates a very favourable environment not just for h. pylori, but for most pathogens through its suppression of the immune system, inflammation, disruption of hormone balance etc.

It may or may not be a factor for you at all, but if you find yourself regularly irritated, anxious, worrisome, aggressive, fearful etc then it might be a good time to deal with these issues not just for the sake of h. pylori, but for candida too. Stress has different definitions to different people and it’s easy to remain oblivious to an over-active stress response once it becomes habitual. For me, it became so natural that I considered it a part of my personality, but it’s incredibly easy to change.