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Based on the research my brother has found is that in not the amount but actually some people react to it and others do not because of certain immune markers, like strep infection. Some people are carriers of strep but will never have symptoms, while others will. It not the amount of strep, but the person immune markers that make them have symptoms or not. This is how h pylori works. At least this it what my brother has found in the lab on the rats he is doing experiments on. This is why he feels I should make sure it is fixed. I got a test saying I have h pylori and most doctors tell you to fix it even if you don’t have symptoms because it might lead to worse things. Since I have stomach issues already I feel it needs to be something I need to fix. Like I said my brother has found that it lead to stomach cancer and IBD in some of the rats. My stomach issues is a sign that I should take care of it. You are right that antibiotics might not even solve the problem, it just what doctors have found works the best, but that does not mean that is the right answer. I think personally low stomach acid, parasites, candida and other issues caused this issue. Though I agree stress can effect the body, it just I never really had a lot of stress . I try to be aware of stress when I do have it (usually in the form of frustrating for not being able to do more because I don’t feel good). Praying and reading my Bible helps me, and can sometimes fix my thinking in matter of minutes. Thanks for the comments. Raster I will make sure I eat some of those food, but really it not an overgrowth based on the research that my brother has found recently at University of Michigan.
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