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Lucylu wrote: relaxation & meditation

Has this been covered much on the forum? I was surprised not to see it as part of the protocol. Stress is a double whammy in the way it suppresses the immune system while feeding candida glucose. It also hinders digestion, among many other worrisome possibilities. If someone has developed an irritable, worrisome or depressed mentality (very likely with a long-term sugary diet coupled with awful candida symptoms), they’re likely to struggle a lot with their recovery without giving it some attention.

I’m sure the diet can go some way to helping, considering it’s positive effect on brain chemistry, but many thought patterns, habits etc require a conscious effort to be changed. The early stages are likely to worsen negative mental states like irritability, as well.

I find meditation a very focused approach to solving these issues. It’s not even necessary to do lengthy sitting sessions; simply understanding the concept of mindfulness will make a profound difference. It’s essentially the practice of mental awareness instead of blindly following whatever useless thoughts pop into your mind. I really think it could make the difference between a cure and prolonged suffering.