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Thanks guys,

I’m still researching as I’m a few weeks away from bread!

I’ve given a list of all ingredients on the strict list to a few bread experts and challenged them to come up with the best possible Gluten, wheat, yeast, soy, sugar free bread!

If anything turns up i will post it

Here is the list, if anyone things I need to add or remove anything please let me know?

•Coconut flour
•Oat bran flour
•Brown rice bran flour
•Tef or teff flour
•Buckwheat flour
•Millet flour
•Almond flour
•Flaxseed flour
•Ground Hemp Seeds

Fats, oils and liquids
•Coconut oil
•Olive oil
•Sesame oil
•Coconut butter
•Coconut milk
•Condensed coconut cream

Rising agents and thickener/binder
•Guar gum
•Aluminium free baking soda
•Aluminium free baking powder

Seasoning, spices and herbs
•Sea salt
•Black pepper
•Bay leaf
•Cilantro (Coriander)

Sweeteners and flavourings
•Apple cider vinagar
•Raw Stevia