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Toffeecoo wrote: …from all the posts I’ve read I think probiotics should be taken from day 1, antifungals a few weeks into it. Boosting good bacteria first should help to be your infantry before you call in the cavalry!

The reason we recommend that the probiotic be started a week or two into the treatment is easily explained. A good probiotic is the most powerful antifungal available on the open market. Taking this immediately upon starting the treatment can cause a horrific case of die-off symptoms if the infestation is even a fairly strong one. Our protocol here is aimed at curing the infestation while protecting the liver and body in general from the dangerous aldehyde toxins which the dying Candida release. Through experience and research, we’ve found that slowly destroying a portion of the infestation before introducing the probiotics is a less invasive and safer treatment than introducing the probiotic immediately.