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ants;50287 wrote: 15 weeks man – urgh. 105 days eating only meat and veg, I have no idea how you do it.

I’m on my diet for 6 weeks and no more. Tomorrow is day 10/42 – No alcohol, caffeine, grains, dairy, fruits, sugar and an array of nice vegetables – it’s just too much to ask.

I’ve even cheated twice and had 2 black coffees = (

Its not so bad if you’re inventive. Have you tried that lamb curry? I bought Coconut Aminos which is like soy sauce and adds a lot of flavour. I also have a very mice chicken soup, steaks, salmon, tuna, omelets etc. My wife’s doing me a nice shrimp fried rice tonight with coconut aminos.
Also, for coffee I buy Kaffee Roma which is a roasted grain beverage. The first time I tried it, it was like weak decaf coffee , but now I like it a lot. Mix a little coconut milk in and its very nice.