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jennyska wrote: and also what do you think about this mixture of antifungals ? ?
Thank you, Jenny

Hello, Jenny.

Personally I wouldn’t want to take Candida Clear for a couple of reasons.

First, it contains magnesium without calcium; as far as the ratio of these two is concerned, there’s a specific ratio naturally in the human body, and taking one without the other can cause an imbalance in this natural ratio. In addition, they depend on each other for absorption. When taking these two the amounts should be 100% of the RDA for each.

The second reason is that it really isn’t strong enough to make much of a difference in the infestation. Anytime you find a product which contains a mixture of different antifungals, it’s going to be much weaker than if you take each antifungal separately. To be honest, you can see this in the price. The price o f this is $19.98, but a small bottle of liquid oil of oregano is priced around $25.00, and because the capsule is in powder form, the pure liquid is probably at least 20 times more powerful.

The capsule also contains gum Arabic which is a type of sugar.

As far as grapefruits are concerned, you can test these and if you receive no reactions, you could have them sparingly, perhaps every two or three days.