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rosiered9127 wrote: Hi there,
I am a college student so therefore basically poor. So I was curious if anyone had any advice to the choosing the cheapest yet still most effective supplements. Specifically, I was taking a probiotic, but I’m running low and need to buy moor. Now I’m wondering if just doing grape bitters would be a good substitute for a probiotic. Since I can’t really afford both at the same time, would it be ok to alternate when I run out of one?

Hello, Natalie.

Grape bitters and probiotics are two entirely different supplements, with two distinctive functions.

Probiotics will allow the beneficial bacteria to multiply and colonize in the intestines and therefore destroy the Candida albicans. Bitters on the other hand, whether grape bitters or Swedish bitters are used for producing digestive enzymes as well as detoxing or flushing out the liver.

If you can only afford one of these, by all means purchase a good probiotic instead of the bitters; bitters will not cure the infestation, but probiotics will eventually.