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Well, this is going to really wig some poor souls out, but I eat lentils, too, Katy. **They are not approved on the diet for this website**, so this is only my two cents based on what I’ve read and my body’s (and baby’s) nutritional needs. On “lentil days” or “bean days” I’m careful to not eat oodles and oodles of them, and to only have one grain serving that day at the maximum. So, it’s not like I’m loading up on beans and rice, or lentil soup and then having rice pudding, etc. Personally, I stay away from rice and millet on bean/lentil days (most of the time). Buckwheat or amaranth are better choices for me, as they are more slowly absorbed but still contribute to a complete protein combo with the lentils/beans. Also, some beans are better than others. I usually use plain black beans.

Neeky is right, they are approved for many candida diets. Especially in areas where organic, antibiotic-free meats are not available or for tight-budgets, they can be a consistent, quality source of protein.

It’s one of those things you just have to make a call on 😉 There are lots of those, aren’t there?