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standinghawk wrote: I discovered this morning that the Blue Diamond almond milk I have used possibly twice in the last few days (about 1/2 cup each time) is the sweetened kind. The unsweetened and the sweetened cartons look identical except for a stripe at the top of the unsweetened saying it is “unsweetened”. I am really concerned about having had this so early in the cleanse, especially since I have been insanely careful. Has this saboutaged my effort?

Hello, “Hawk” and welcome to the forum.

You’re only two weeks into the treatment, and you’re not alone as far as making a mistake with an unknown problematic food source as many people do this. All you have to do is continue where you were when you drank the almond milk. This is just one of the many lessens you’ll learn on your journey to wellness. The lesson is to always read the entire list of ingredients of anything you intend to eat or drink before doing so. If you come across an ingredient that you’re unsure of, just ask about it on the forum.

This was in invaluable lesson that could have cost you much more later on during the treatment, so think of it in that way.