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What you’re going through seems almost identical to mine. I’ve also had a sore throat since uhh early April? I’ve also had fluctuating temperatures since then too. I especially noticed it after getting severe sinus pressure and headaches when I was having allergic reactions to sugar in the beginning.

I too also suspect my tonsils are inflamed and I have an ear infection. My ears are crazy itchy all the time and had fluid in them back in early May. The fluid is gone but now replaced by itchiness. I’m pretty sure my tonsils are inflamed due to the toxin overload.

I don’t think my temperature has ever been as high as yours but does yours seem to fluctuate? Like does it go up and down or does it stay consistently at the 103?

After being to the doctors 4 or 5 times myself and realizing they know very little about candida, I’ve given up for now on going back unless things get incredibly bad because I know they will just prescribe me antibioitics and send me on my way. After already taking 3 weeks of powerful antibiotics in April and having no effect on what I’m going through, I refuse to take anymore for now.

If your temperature is consistent at 103 and never goes down, I guess you really have no choice but to take something for it. Personally I’m going to try my best to ride this out without antibiotics.

Let us know how you respond to the antibiotics and if you improve!