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The problem with herbs is that oftentimes, they have multiple effects on a person. If you have ptsd, you don’t want to be taking anything that makes you hyper. 🙂 I know for sure. 🙂 I can’t remember Mooch, is your naturopath also your acupuncturist? I think you ought to ask the acupuncturist too. Anything that makes your anxiety worse, isn’t going to help your candida. As I am sure you already know, anxiety and stress kick your immune system into overdrive, the old fight or flight syndrome. My guess is you are like me, you spend waaay too much time in the “fight” zone. That is why, despite the fact that it probably taxes your system, I think it is good that you do your MMA. The thing about a good acupunturist, is they will try to heal your whole self, your body and your mind are intrinsically connected in chinese medicine. Also, a very smart naturopath or acupunturist will usually tell you that they don’t know how to treat candida overgrowth if they don’t know.