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Thanks Guys!

Able, no worries because I am by no means eating whatever I want. I am avoiding lactose (except small amounts in cheese), gluten, soy, sugar,… All the nasties. I am just letting my self enjoy different foods every now and again without repercussions it seems, kinda testing for my wedding/honeymoon. I started testing to see if I would be able to travel and still enjoy myself and some food. It turns out I am doing well!!! Yay! Buttttt….When I get back to the real world, I plan on going back to a stricter diet again. As for supplements, I will continue with them as well. I am not cured from candida yet but it is encouraging to see the progress. For a while I was completely discouraged. And for my severity when I started, my naturopath said I wasn’t the worst case she had ever seen but I was pretty bad. She predicted a year before I would be on my way to recovery. Emotionally I feel a whole world better. Mood swings are gone and my blues are gone and my focus has returned.

I attribute a lot of my healing to the saltwater enemas I was doing every 2 days and the glutamine and magnesium glycinate I have been taking (as well as my antifungals and probiotics of course).