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Danny33;58933 wrote:

Thank you guys for advices with chelation, but if ill do it, I’ll do it only after investigating Mercury levels in my body. I only thinking about it becouse I cant stand my pains anymore. I would do anything to feel healthy, to be able to smile again…LoL


Taking low levels of DMPS (e.g 5-10mg) every 6-8 hours is likely harmless.
Unless a rare allergy is present I wouldn’t worry at all. There is a lot of controversy over heavy metal testing methods, the same is true for Candida, H. Pylori, etc. Sometimes just treating is the best way to find out.

Here’s a couple stories from this forum that may be helpful –
Progress on Mercury Medicine
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Also, Join us at Yahoo’s frequent-dose-chelation group for heavy metal specific questions.

Good luck!


Maybe I would give it a try but the cost stops me from this, also I never had any amalgam fillings, so it could be only becouse tuna i ate, but that doesnt sound very persuasively becouse I had very pure health and most of candida symptoms right from the start, as far as I remember. I had very low immunity and high stress in childhood so it might be the couse of it, as after my very frequent vommititng i was given only biscuits and tea with large amout of sugar, as my mother says “to recover”. So my problem is very weak immunity right from the start. Also i have to say that my father have the same problem, he doesnt with that is wrong to always crave for alcochol, sugar, high carbs food, to be blootedand foggy, he treats it as it is all from the high stress life, but definetely its not only from that. Furthermore his father, my granpa, i really dont know him, never spoke to him, becouse he started to drink very early and drunk himself literally to the death. Even tough he wasnt stupid, or pure, and here might be the answer. I dont really know yet how to sum up this all yeat, but got nothing left but to make this all clear out for myself, maybe I am born retarded. People say that the grandson inherits most of the genes not the son. So it might be some deeper prob, and candida only the consequence of this.I suspect that the most part was IBS for my grandpa and is for me also, becouse theres no reason for normal human being who has a well payed job to drink himself to the death. He started to drink heavily at about 25 years old and never enden, he literally was zomby, ALWAYS drunk till he somehow reached 70 years old and died. I think its something to grab on for my to further problem solving. But honestly i dont know anything true yet its all just hyphotesis. I will, if ill beat the candida, but its really hard for me, becouse only after few days of doing candida diet I feel terrible heaches and abnormal desire for sugar, bread, anything with high carbs. I also wanted to ask, could my intestines pain be from the candida??? Becouse after not eating anything for 2-3 days and drinking plenty of water it goes aways, but the other symptoms comes right away… It would be great to know it. I will beat it, its just the matter of time, becouse I recently found out that it might be candida, so now I am gathering info to start the diet. I very appreciate this forum, and all you, who a really in to helping others gathering people info they need, becouse at least in my country doctors dont know a lot about that…. So i got to gather info on my own and become a doctor for my self, just like many of us from this forum does. Sorry for the mistakes, my English isn’t very good..