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TheChosenOne;58833 wrote:

I don’t understand your reply “most”.

“A lot of people have problems chelating out mercury themselves. Most mercury settles itself in the brain.”
Okay, thanks for clarifying.

TheChosenOne;58833 wrote:

You state that the chelation chemicals can pass the blood-brain barrier. Once again, I’m not defying or denying your statement, I’d just like to have some source.
Okay, thanks.

I read a few interesting things here.

One of these is that DMPS, which is often advised on this forum, does not cross the blood-brain barrier. If most mercury would indeed reside in the brain, as you state, then chelating with DMPS would be useless, right?

Another thing is that ALA, wich does cross the blood-brain barrier, may cause headaches, tingling or a “pins and needles” sensations, skin rashes, and muscle cramps. It may also result in the occurrence of a normally rare condition called insulin autoimmune syndrome, which causes hypoglycemia, and which produces antibodies that attack the body’s own insulin.

In addition, the safety of ALA in people with kidney or liver problems is unknown.

This is the very reason why I so strongly advise against using chelation “just for the fun of it”. It has side effects. There is a risk. Especially if your health isn’t top nodge to start with, you’d better avoid yet another blow to your body’s balance.

Finally, I’ve asked for a source of your statement that most mercury would settle itself in the brain. Perhaps you forgot, anyway you didn’t provide a source yet.