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Hi Able,

Thanks for your answers!

The reaction I get from food I dont tolerate is a very itchy/ticklish skin, severity depends on the food, it was a 7/10 reaction. A 10/10 for example was when I had a Pizza and Coke several weeks ago I couldn’t sleep because of my skin being itchy/ticklish all the time, so whenever I tried to fall asleep I just had to scratch again, which in turn creates itchy hives on my skin and so it goes on.

Oat bran / Buckwheat
How much could I actually eat of this without harming the healing of the candida?

The one I can find here in the store is the following, it says pure 100% oat bran (no artificial flavours/colours/presevatives, no GM ingredients) so I assume it’s fine especially since it says “no GM ingredients”?

Crisp Bread
It is made out of rye flour ( and I found one that has no yeast or wheat in it. But I’m not sure what your opinion on rye flour is. I had it at the beginning a few times because I thought it was okay and had no recognisable reaction. But I want to stay completely clean and not lengthen the healing process, which I would if rye feeds the candida.

I have ordered my Kefir on ebay, I will start taking it soon. I saw it’s possible to produce Kefir from other milk than cow milk as well, would for example a goat/hazelnut/coconut milk kefir be less productive for the healing process? Also, for the cow milk does the fat-percentage matter for the healing?

u]Butter from Olives / Hazelnuts[/u]
I saw on a different website that this would be a suitable substitute for regular butter. Do you agree, and when can this be introduced? They are both very low in sugar <4%.

The stevia product I found in the supermarket with the least number of other ingredients is called “pure via”: It’s wheat and gluten free but besides steviol gycosides, the ingredients are: Maltodextrin (bulking agent) and natural flavourings. Is this product acceptable? What worries me in particular is that it has 2 calories/teaspoon and I read somewhere good Stevia shouldn’t have calories.

Vitamin C
I’m now taking 3x 1000mg per day. I feel slightly more energetic and recover more easily. Also I think it helped slightly with my bowel movements. Thanks!

Introducing food
I’m trying more generally to understand the rules for introducing foods. Your comment on brown rice was already very helpful and strengthened my will not to touch it. Is there a website where you can read this kind of stuff, i.e. why certain foods are bad? It would be great to learn the ground rules and I think it would solve a lot of the perceived complexity.

Die-off symptom or reacton?
Finally, I guess hardly anyone here suffers from physical Urticaria Facticia (hives) and the related itchy/ticklish skin, but perhaps you have an idea: Although I’m on the diet now for some time and my yeast overgrowth on my skin has grown back and the skin swells less when scratched, I still have kind of a “base level” of itchy/ticklish skin and I wonder why. I expected this to fade away with time. So is this a die-off symptom which is accidentally the same as my symptom to untolerated food or is something wrong with my diet? I thought it might be because my vegetables are not organic (I cant get organic veggies around here). Also, I dont get often die-off symptoms in the form of headaches from the coconut-oil or garlic, so perhaps the ticklish skin is my body’s personal die-off reaction? My understanding is unfortunately not sufficient but I was hoping you could shed some light on this.

And thanks again for the link to the Hunger-post. It was really helpful to understand and I can now more easily ignore all the donuts that smile at me when I enter supermarket.

Thanks for all your help, greatly appreciated!