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Info about Glutamine

Any increase in the amount of brain glutamine can cause an increase in the release of another substance called glutamate, which is basically a neurotransmitter, or an excitatory amino acid and excitotoxin. If the increase is not controlled and modulated accordingly then the result is “glutamate excitotoxicity” which is basically the premature death of neurons by over activity caused by the by glutamate. Normal levels of glutamate are healthy as well as necessary for the brain to function, but abnormally high levels are potentially toxic to the neurons. Glutamine converts to glutamate in the presence of an enzyme and water, and this conversion takes place in the brain and nervous system.

I think, for the most part, most people who discover that they have a Candida albicans infestation (or a loved one who does) go to the extreme in purchasing various and unnecessary vitamins, antifungals, and other supplements and products. The money they spend does not need to be wasted on all the different products promising to cure these ailments because the research has proven over and over again that a C. albicans infestation is the real cause of the dozens of ‘side effects’ such as digestion problems and failure to absorb the vitamins which the body needs to cure itself. The bottom line is, if you cure the Candida infestation, then you’ll cure the other problems, but until you are at least on the road to a cure of the infestation, all the money and all the supplements in the world will not cure the side effects of a Candida infestation …. not as long as the infestation is still thriving in the digestive system.