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Able, it’s been almost 3 months and I’d say I learned a ton. I have no more heart burn, no diarrea, not constipated so I’m doing better. I remember those 4 days of horrible die off in the beginning. However it’s been 4 days of no meat and I feel like I’m having die off. Sinus clogged, tired, drunky dizzy feeling, emotional, anxious. However my acid reflux is almost non existant and I think my bloating is a bit better, maybe I’m imagining it though. You guys are great helping everyone on here, but I almost was in tears when the dr said your makin it up. I also wanted to hit him. I’m struggling and he thinks its some cancer or mental thing. The nurse even knew what candida was. My quack naturopath said I have sibo but in questioning it. On my tests it said no abnormal amounts of bad bacteria, so idk. It’s my bloating that bothers me most but raster said it took him almost 6 months for his to go away. Sad thing is my tongue today is coated and he looked but said nothing. Thanks for the support, but this die off I think is making me a mess lol