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Don’t give up mooch, you are on the right path. The only unfortunate thing is that 99% of all of western medicine does not acknowledge candida/yeast being a cause of health problems and they don’t know how to treat gut flora disorders. The reason for this is a simple one, there is not a single drug that has been advertised to treat this disorder and cure it. In other words, there is no money to be made on candida.

My naturopath shared an interesting story recently. He has a patient who cannot get out of bed and has all of these auto-immune disorders and is basically non-functional. She goes between having asthma and eczema depending on the week and spent a ton of money going to western medicine doctors, going to the mayo clinic (aka the vatican of western medicine), etc. Went through a ton of dead ends, however they were able to get a diagnosis but there is no treatment they knew of at all!

So he asks her how much she is pooping? She was pooping maybe 2-3x per month. Now he has her pooping once a week or even more possibly. Guess what? Mayo clinic did not once ask her once about her digestion and how much she is pooping!!!!!!! Are you serious?

Guess what happens if you crap in a toilet and don’t flush it for a few weeks or longer? Its gonna be nasty. And that is what is going on with most of us, we are not flushing the poo down the drain (aka toxins).

One thing that may help you get out of this rut is to educate yourself on candida. A great beginner’s resource to learn about this syndrome is Dr. Mcoombs: