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Hey man

Sorry to hear you’re not doing so well. Psychological torment, for me, is worse than anything I could ever go through physically. I could be dizzy and ready to pass out, but if I’m getting really anxious about it that’s what will put me on a downer.

I too suffer from an anxiety disorder. It’s more like GAD or OCD than PTSD, but they all interlink and have similar outcomes. I know that you and I both have candida, but an anxiety disorder can seriously mess you up physically too. I’m in the process of disentangling my anxiety and my candida at the moment and its a tricky business realising what’s what because die-off will cause you to feel like you’re about to pass out, but so will anxiety. In reality, I think they are both working together to make me feel like crap and reinforce each other. It is very true that stress will worsen any physical issues you are experiencing, moreover it will provide a playground for candida and subsequently leaky gut. It’s all a vicious cycle.

Try not to let this guy get to you. The fact is that you are improving so you must be addressing some issue. Moreover, in regards to psychological issues, I have found this diet to be somewhat helpful to my OCD thoughts. I think there are potentially three reasons why this is happening. First is that I’ve now been taking a high dose of omega-3 fish oil tablets for about 5 weeks (and also eating a lot of fatty fish like sardines). Second is that I have been taking ashwagandha, as recommended by Able, for about a week. Third the candida in my body is changing and dying, and it is beginning to have less of a grip on my mind. I find mental symptoms have started to dissipate that I have been battling for over a year (I have felt I’ve been on the borderline of developing a psychotic disorder) and were present even when I was feeling good. I think there are cognitive things I need to do to ultimately address my issues, but certainly nutrition is playing a key role as well.

Maybe adding ashwagandha and omega-3 fatty acids to your diet could be helpful to decompress psychologically? Doing this might put you in better spirits and it will aid your body get rid of the candida more easily. If you’re stressed and upset then your body will seriously be fighting an uphill battle to repair itself. Stress really, really plays havoc. Able also has suggested a supplement called ‘SAM-e’. I’m thinking of taking this one but I want to wait for a while as I didn’t want to introduce all sorts of different things at once.