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gib369;52927 wrote: Two years ago I discovered that I had Candida and went on the elimination diet. I cut out yeast and sugar and also took probiotics. I felt fantastic. I then went on my summer holiday and it all went wrong 🙁 I had foods that I shouldn’t have including bread, ice cream, alcohol etc. Two years down the line it has all come back. Brain fog, stomach aches, constipation, joint aches, bad back, acid reflux, weight gain, water rentention!!!!!

I have decided to give the Candida diet another attempt as I did feel fantastic and it didn’t take long for the above symptoms to subside. I know that it is difficult but worth it in the end 🙂

Here’s to day one of my new life 🙂

Having those results after following an anticandida diet means you overgrowth is very light. I advice you to combat it now before things get worse.
This is the right time to eradicate it.