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monstermelie;40929 wrote: Today is the first day of my cleanse & already I want to cheat or come off the diet. The only thing keeping me going is knowing how ill I am.

I made a green juice this morning & it was horrible. I couldn’t stomach more than a few sips.

Any tips on how to make the juice easier to drink?

Hi Melie,

I have a great tip for you that is an awesome anti-fungal for smoothies. Add 1 or 2 jalapeno peppers and a small slice of fresh ginger root. I’m not sure what you’re putting in your green smoothie, but two other items that are great anti-funals to add are, brussels sprouts and rutabaga. The taste of the jalapeno peppers and ginger really kill off any of the other vegetable flavors. It’s super spicey, but it’s a great anti-fungal combination.

I also often add fresh cilantro as well. Interestingly I just read Emsmith’s recommendation and she also seems to like the ginger & jalapeno pepper combo in her smoothies.