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Take it from someone who has been at this for almost a year – the diet works if you stick with it! DO NOT CHEAT, DO NOT STRAY!! That’s the whole protocol, not just the diet – so probiotics, supplements, etc.

Also, as far as the social stuff goes, it is definitely a struggle. I have had to find new ways to socialize with people that don’t revolve around food, like game nights. however, it’s actually opened up a whole new social circle for me, which has been pretty cool. Candida definitely helps you see who your real friends are :p

With weight, you are just going to lose some. However, the good news is, it will come back! Just make sure you eat a lot of the fats on the diet – they are all good ones, like coconut oil, olive oil, and avocados. When you go through the first phase and detox though, a ton of weight will probably drop off. Just try to think about health and not weight, and think about balance…you were holding on to a bunch of toxins and crap, now you’re flushing it out, so the scale is tipped, and then you’ll replenish with health to come to where you naturally should be. I would not recommend doing a ton of exercise as your body heals, but definitely do some light and relaxing exercise like walking or yoga.