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I read that multi-vitamins are out . . . can I ask why? I have been taking those every day but am more than willing to stop if needed

Megan, first you shouldn’t stop taking the multiple vitamin for the time being since you don’t have all of the replacements, but I would start gathering some of the vitamins if you can; then you can start reducing the number from 4 to 1 a day, but do this slowly one at a time every 3 days.

The question concerning multiple vitamins is easy to explain just by asking you to look at your own container of Ortho’s multi-vitamin. The amounts of the different B vitamins are the problem. There is as specific ratio of the B vitamins which is natural and correct for the human body, and it’s up to us to keep this ratio in place in order to prevent deficiencies which can occur from having too much of one B vitamin and not enough of another. Look at vitamin B1 (thiamin), and then look at Biotin which is one of the most important B vitamins during a Candida infestation. The amounts tell you that there is 25 times more Thiamin in this multiple vitamin than Biotin. If you take a multiple vitamin, it should contain all eight all of the B vitamins and they should all show 100% of the daily requirement.
Below is a link concerning the importance of Biotin during a Candida infestation.
Biotin Deficiency & Candida

If you’re wondering how we can keep the ratio of the B vitamins at the correct amounts, we can do that by allowing the probiotic bacteria as well as the bacteria from homemade kefir to make the B vitamins which we need every day; but we should also be feeding the bacteria enough prebiotic foods every day.
As long as we have a sufficient amount of the beneficial bacteria in our intestines, and eat other foods that supply the B vitamins, we shouldn’t have a problem. But unfortunately, a Candida infestation represents a deficiency in beneficial bacteria. This is why it’s important to have kefir, unsweetened Greek yogurt, probiotics, and prebiotics every day while you’re attempting to rid yourself of the overgrowth.

PB8 is alright as a ‘starter’ probiotic, but when you’ve finished the container, try to find a probiotic containing Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1. This link will give you some information as well as quality brands containing these bacteria.

Concerning your diet, I would leave the following out of the diet until the second stage.
-Pumpkin seeds
-Almond milk (you can substitute pure unsweetened coconut milk if you need to)

What should I take for my liver? I saw three options but I wasn’t sure if they were only for the detox or for the rest of the diet.

Use the supplements mentioned on the safe cleanse for your liver such as Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate.

Is there a specific list of foods that you have on the message board? I saw lots of posts but not a whole list.

I’ll send the diet link to you via email.