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Ms candida I hear ya my hubby wont do anything about his yeast issues eitheir and I really believe his anxiety / thyroid is from candida sux cuz it sure would make things 100 times easier 4 me!
I guess the pain I’m in is enough motivation for now.

The butter idea sounds great! Go for it! I thought about this also and in the past have ate cookies but ofcourse for our diet the coconut oil is perfect. Only a few down sides to it though

When u cook with weed u have to use at least a half ounce or more for a batch of cookies so its very expensive .

I would b worried of the oil causing die off and messing the any good feeling from the weed but I’m early in treatment and can’t tolerate the antifungals yet.

Let me know how this works for u oh and I notice when u eat it its very different it lasts longer but u would have to consume more I would say 3 cookies so idk maybe 3 tbs oil at a time also finish the weed/ oil within a wk or few days it will go stale on u.the high is a lil stronger when u eat it but like I said u have to use alot so it may b to expensive it is 4 me.