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flailingWcandi;38588 wrote: Been using coconut oil and trying to go a little easier on my system this treatment time around and from what everyone here is saying, SF722 is the best antifungal besides coconut oil as it doesn’t have antibacterial properties. Is this true?

Was going to order SF722 today but, Thorne is out of stock due to a material shortage.

Also, if anyone here sees when Thorne get’s SF722 back in stock, kindly advise…….

Wishing everyone blessings of healing graces.

Many thanks in advance.

Both, Castor Bean Oil and Coconut Oil have antibacterial properties. Undecenoic Acid is antibacterial, all acids are. Coconut Oil is rich in Lauric Acid, Caprylic Acid, and Capric Acid. All of them have antibacterial properties. If you look at the alternative natural products that have antifungal activity, all of them are bactericidal as well. You need to take something, and at least you go with the Rx route at all, antibacterial properties will be almost unavoidable.

What is smart in my opinion is to use those products until a point where you can keep the diet but stop them. Then, to add something that promotes the friendly flora growing and control the fungus. Let say S. Boulardii, B. Laterosporus, or B. Subtilis.

To regain antagonistic flora you have to stop taking substances that have antibacterial activity.