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CRAP! I posted a long reply and hit the wrong button.

I’ll summarize.

False alarm on the dandruff clearing up. It’s still there.

I ate a bunch of rice crackers one day for a sudden binge and really quick got bloating, itching, achy muscles, had no energy for exercise, until about 24 hrs later it went away. I won’t do that again, at least not for a while.

I’m discontinuing kombocha, kefir, beans and yogurt. It turns out they all have sugar. They’re all pasteurized. The kombucha I thought was ok, but I got a bunch of plaque the next morning after drinking it.

In addition to the food and other stuff mentioned last post I’m taking nascent iodine, Candida Support by NOW Foods, fresh garlic, 300 billion CFU probiotics per day, coconut oil and olive oil. If this doesn’t work nothing will. I’ve read about people finding some limit on these supplements, but I have never hit any kind of limit that I can feel, even with very large doses of probiotics and iodine and other stuff I’ve taken in the past. I assume I’ll get nauseous or something?